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Professor of fun

I was talking to one of the most iconic figures of the Department of Tourism, Dr Alan Clarke who came from Great Britain several years ago to teach and live in Veszprém. Please, tell me something about yourself. Where did you come from, why did you choose this career? It was an accident. I was […]

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Christmas is all around you

Every nation has its own special Christmas tradition, but only a few people are familiar with other cultures’ celebration specialities. As the festive season is coming up rapidly, I figured it would be fun to look at how some of our foreign students’ would celebrate Christmas at home. Before taking a close look at other […]

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Exotic dishes for beginners

During one of our last editorial meetings in April, we decided to continue with an old column that discusses cheap dishes for the university students. We chose to bring this to life in a special way that would interest everybody. To make it sound more exciting and even international, I opted for introducing foreign cuisines. […]