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Erasmus on two wheels

One of my friends, Péter Farkas decided to take part in the Erasmus scholarship programme during the last semester. He is studying environmental engineering at the University of Pannonia. At the same time, he is a real sportsman, whenever he has the chance he participates in off-road bike challenges all over Hungary. I had an […]

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Culture shock – How difficult is it to be here?

English Pages have already covered several different topics such as the introduction of Hungarian Erasmus students or foreign teachers. It also discussed  the habits of different cultures concerning Christmas traditions or holidays but we have never asked our foreign students about their thoughts regarding Hungary. It is time they shared their experience and memories about […]

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Long live to the VEN!

In the last few weeks, you may have noticed some strange looking people in the streets of Veszprém dressed up as Jack Frost, Alice from Wonderland or an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. It is not a dress-ball; it is one of the biggest festivals of the University of Pannonia which is called ‘VEN’ or University Days […]

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A semester in Austria

English Pages has already covered several different topics such as the introduction of foreign Erasmus students or some other interesting facts regarding different nation’s habits. We have written about our fellow students’ participation in Erasmus programs in different countries. It is time now for Szofi Szávai to share her experiences and memories about her stay […]