International Summer University – Kőszeg Campus (IASK)

Thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Dr. Judit Navracsics, I have learned that the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) would offer a two-week International Summer University to young and curious students, who are eager  to learn about European countries and are ready to make an impact on them.

kőszeg (1)

I was  extremely happy  that I was given the opportunity to deepen my   knowledge in such a welcoming environment as  the campuses of the University of Pannonia and iASK is. Needless to say, I was excited to learn from the University speakers, lecturers, and guests from around the world – all of them fascinating, intelligent people. More specifically, I was taught  new things through multidisciplinary approach about various fundamental issues, such as world religions, migration and security policy in Europe, climate change and sustainability.

There are no words to express  the visual beauty of the town of Kőszeg that greeted me every morning on my  way to the University’s venue, Europe house. Furthermore, the University organizers conducted several thematical excursions around Kőszeg that provided me with loads of information on  the history of the town and its people. I need to mention that I explored not only Kőszeg but also two wonderful towns  of Slovenia, Maribor and Lendva, by participating in  a city tour and a visit to Alma Mater Europaea.

Overall, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to iASK representatives for this remarkable opportunity to spend a qualitative time during the summer break. I am sure the knowledge and experience I have acquired  there will benefit my studies and future career.

Liubov Darzhinova