TDK experience of our foreign students

The Scientific Students Conference (TDK) is an excellent opportunity to try yourself in the world of science. Our university organises this competition every year for those students who would like to compare themselves and their researches to others’. Therefore, I would like to inspire you to take this challenge this semester with the TDK experience of our two foreign students.

Firstly, Xia Dehua, one of our Chinese students, told his story about his TDK experience. He is a third-year bachelor student, majoring in Business Administration and Management: “I’m glad that my article was selected by TDK. Surprisingly, it won the third-place prize after it was well prepared and met the relevant requirements. I really appreciate all the inspiration received and all the help that made my journey reach this stage. As for my research topic, it was conclusively titled as “Analyzing the Causes of China-US Trade War and Its Economic Effects”, specialising in the field of international economics. I asked Dr. Ildikó Neumanné Virág to be my supervisor and to assist me to complete this remarkable article. I really appreciate her efforts.

So far, I have participated in the TDK two times already. The first time was in the autumn of 2019, and the second time was this year in May. My original purpose for this conference, strange to say, was not to  win  any prize, but to gain experience and improve my writing skills in a scientific article., There are two professional and experienced referees evaluating my article and giving some feedback on different sections of the article, so that I would know what the weakness and strength of my article are. It is exceedingly helpful to improve the quality of my article. In fact, it would be interesting to take this high-quality article for my thesis.

Writing an article, to tell the truth, can be extremely time-consuming and takes a lot of energy. In the process of writing my article, I have met some challenges almost forcing me to give up on it Such difficulty would be of summarizing pieces of literature and analysing economic data, but I thought “Nothing is impossible, nothing to lose, just do it”. I should always move forward to achieve my goal, this is what I kept telling myself to keep being motivated in writing. Finally, after completing this unprecedented masterpiece, it was so enjoyable that I completely immersed myself in the sense of accomplishment, feeling that what I have done is totally deserved.

So, I passionately recommend my fellows and other international students to participate in this spectacular TDK. It is not a competition, but it’s rather a platform to showcase your talent in the field of your study or major. If you have a creative idea in your mind and would like to share it with others, then don’t hesitate to put it down in a scientific way; it would be an effective and reliable way that allows readers to follow and trust your idea.”

Panhavaon Tan -who is also a bachelor student, majoring in Business Administration and Management, had- an interesting story too: “TDK has enlightened me a plethora of valuable knowledge and great understanding about what a thesis looks like as well as how it is structured once I stepped in to participate. Being part of the first international generation attending such a meticulous competition at the Faculty of Business and Economics was both an honour and a huge responsibility. I got to learn a lot about how to generate and formulate a thesis, and of course, my own dissertation in particular. Furthermore, it was a paradigm that gave me an edge and culminated in my dissertation. How did it happen? Since I have already done most parts of my thesis during the TDK competition, I only have a few things to add to my official thesis. Hence, by the time that other students start to work on their thesis, I would have taken that time to focus on something else that is advantageous for myself in the future, e.g.  prepare myself to get ready for the final exam, and not even mentioning of having less tasks in my final semester.

In fact, even though TDK is generally a kind of research competition, I found it was more like a self-improvement platform where I could improve in the field of scientific research and practice what I had learned in classes in reality. To be honest, my aim at that time was just to attend it, see how it was going, feel what it was like, and somehow commence writing my thesis. The love of self-development also urged me to go ahead. Therefore, I fervently started to prepare it and I was working diligently on acquiring as much topic-related information and data as possible. Obviously, it was a time-consuming mission, which took me roughly a month to finish the work. Throughout the hard time that I had and the effort that I put in, it surprisingly turned out that my hard-working did pay off. I felt it was quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. Not only did I accomplish the competition with an astonishingly great result, but I also obtained some more new grasp of scientific research that forges my comprehension in my academic studies. It was genuinely a terrific experience. Being a TDK contestant, you will gain new knowledge out of the supervision of your supervisor who guides and instructs you towards work completion, especially work achievement. Moreover, you will get to learn what your mistakes really are from your evaluators’ feedbacks once you finish and submit your work, so that you know exactly what to improve for your final dissertation. Thus, I highly recommend my fellow friends to join because it is literally worth participating. My message to young learners is “Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and take a small step forward every day if you want to cement yourself and be wiser”.

Most importantly, I would like to express my warmest gratitude for the presence of Dr. Annamária Sasné Grósz, Dr. Anita Veres, Prof. Vivien Csányi, my evaluators, and a few other professors for always inspiring, mentoring, uplifting, and helping me out with my research. You have given me countless lessons, support, and motivation and I would not have gone the extra mile without all of you.”

So, be brave and try yourself in the TDK this semester!

Photos: Xia Dehua, Panhavaon Tan

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