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Don’t be afraid, try America!

Some days ago, I was lucky enough to catch up with two intelligent and kind girls of our university. Anna and Alexandra,currently studying English and American Studies, spent their last summer in America by the cc USA program, working in a restaurant in Mill Creek nearby Chester and Susanville in California. I hope that you’ll […]

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You live only once, take every opportunity!

I would like to introduce you two former students of our university who participated several times in foreign internships in the field of tourism. Fanni and Anett graduated as economist specialised in tourism. They wished  to get more knowledge and some practical professional experience in their area that is why they decided to spend some […]

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The American Dream

Have you ever dreamed about travelling to the Big Apple or L.A.? You have the perfect opportunity during your university years. There are different companies in Hungary (the two most well-known are CCUSA and Camp Leaders) that organize camp counselor programs for university students. It is easier to plan your journey with their assistance as […]

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Erasmus on two wheels

One of my friends, Péter Farkas decided to take part in the Erasmus scholarship programme during the last semester. He is studying environmental engineering at the University of Pannonia. At the same time, he is a real sportsman, whenever he has the chance he participates in off-road bike challenges all over Hungary. I had an […]