Constantly in the forefront

The University of Pannonia has already had outstanding results concerning domestic and international rankings focusing on the sector of higher education. Our university has had another remarkable international result recently.
According to the ranking based on the database of Google Scholar, the University of Pannonia is situated among the world’s best 5% of universities.

Google Scholar is the biggest open scientific database of the world, which used to rank the best universities according to the enrolment and results of scientific researches as well as the rate of publications used by researchers as references within scientific articles and other papers.
According to the above mentioned ranking only 8 Hungarian universities were able to be present among the world’s best 1200 institutions of higher education. Our university gained the 6th place among Hungarian universities which means that it successfully overtook the University of Pécs and Central-European University (Budapest).

Additional good and strong international results of the University of Pannonia prove that we have highly qualified and internationally admitted researchers and lecturers, not to mention the fact that the quality of courses also at the forefront of the world’s higher education.